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The heart of Columbus, Ohio’s tech scene is Dublin, where world-class innovators, problem solvers, and disruptors are reshaping the world with technology. These tech leaders are making headlines for advancements in healthcare, cybersecurity, transportation, bioscience, and more.


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Protect the
 personal health 
data of millions 
of patients.

Engineer innovative 
for bioscience

to stop access to
 private information

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" The Midwest is so appealing due to the laidback pace, nice people, and general high quality of living so being able to work in this field here have been wonderful. I have benefited professionally due to this thriving market and so has my family.

– Matt Swider, Account Executive, Updox

" What sets Columbus apart from many other big cities is its great synergy between new technologies that are being invested in by local businesses and the diverse communities that are working to drive innovation on a tangible level.

– Bakari Levy, Technologist

" Central Ohio is a thriving hub of talent and top-tier research. In addition, it's incredibly affordable and has all of the amenities you'd find in coastal cities

– Jordan Robinson, Director, Updox

" Poised to be one of the first Smart Cities in the U.S., Columbus is progressive, vibrant, and ripe with collaborative talent in the industry, academia as well as government.

– Anna Preta-Malony, Account Executive, Siemens

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Dublin’s workforce is made up of more than 70,000 people, and total economic activity from Dublin companies is in excess of $7.8 billion per year. We’re no typical city—we’re an epicenter of growth and progress. Whether you want to join a large corporation, advance a start-up, or build your own business, your new reality is right here waiting for you

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Career growth requires more than success on the job. It also takes building
a personal network that can help you achieve your goals. Columbus, Ohio is
well-known for its collaborative culture and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Your new reality is waiting for you in Dublin, Ohio. It offers all the advantages of a major city without the draining compromise. It isn’t a risky move. It’s the smartest move you’ll ever make. Embrace a new life and lifestyle in the heart of Ohio. We know you’ll be thrilled by what we have to offer.